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This is a comment on: M. Shibata, Z. Gabelica Synthesis of MFI titanosilicates from methylamine-TPABr media Zeolites 1997 page 246 volume 19  DOI: 10.1016/S0144-2449(97)00078-X

Comparison missing   published on Friday, 15-May-09 09:14:04 CEST by Crownether

Interesting and good article. What I miss is a comparison between prices. It is pointed out, that the new route using TPA-Br is more cost effective than the use of TPA-OH and Ti-alkoxydes. It is even pointed out in the abstract of the article. So why not give a comparison? Is this to much for the academic world? Cheers Crownether

Cost effective chemistry   published on Wednesday, 03-Jun-09 13:57:43 CEST by JohnFrusciante

@crownether I checked the paper you cite! You are quite right, an comparision dating Aldrich or any other companies (company, year, catalogue price....) alongside a cost calculation would illustrate the claim! Cheers John

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