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This is a comment on: Rohollah Mosallahnezhad Cooperative, Compact Algorithms for Randomized Algorithms Applied Mathematics and Computation 2007 page 1-8  DOI: 10.1016/j.amc.2007.03.011

Cooperative, Compact Algorithms for Randomized Algorithms by Rohollah Mosallahnezhad (doi:10.1016/j.amc.2007.03.011)   published on Monday, 22-Jun-09 10:41:34 CEST by FrankMiller

I wish to bring to the attention of readers a similar case that occurred two years ago to a traditional scientific journal of a traditional publisher, but that attracted much less attention than this. In 2007, Elsevier' journal Applied Mathematics and Computation (Impact factor: 0.821, rank 61 out of 165 in its ISI category, publishing since 1975) accepted a paper entitled "Cooperative, compact algorithms for randomized algorithms", by Rohollah Mosallahnezhad ( The paper was as well generated with SCIgen; to have an idea of the style, this is an extract: Experts agree that encrypted methodologies are an interesting new topic in the field of theory, and information theorists concur. In this position paper, we argue the appropriate unification of web browsers and Internet QoS. Our focus in this paper is not on whether information retrieval systems can be made reliable, linear time, and Bayesian, but rather on describing new wireless archetypes (Bots). After some online discussion, the article has been retracted, as you can see now on the journal web site. However, if you would like to look at the original, is still available here ( For some reason, this case had much less follow-up, and did not drive to immediate step down of editors, which is a scientifically honest reaction to such kind of accident. As this is not open access, not even online publishing, and so, perhaps attention about quality should be put elsewhere.

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