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This is a comment on: Rafelski, J.; Jones, S.E. Cold Nuclear fusion Scientific American 1987 page 84

There are new articles in 2012   published on Monday, 09-Apr-12 20:51:11 CEST by phiny

There is a new article mentioning: Recent accelerator experiments on fusion of various elements have clearly demonstrated that the effective cross-sections of these reactions depend on what material the target particle is placed in. In these experiments, there was a significant increase in the probability of interaction when target nuclei are imbedded in a conducting crystal or are a part of it. These experiments open a new perspective on the problem of so-called cold nuclear fusion.

Older review   published on Monday, 09-Apr-12 21:00:50 CEST by phiny

An older review called Some theories of cold nuclear fusion; A review was released in 1991

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