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This is a comment on: Nicholas E. Leadbeater and Maria Marco Transition-Metal-free Suzuki-Type Coupling Reactions: Scope and Limitations of the Methodology The Journal Of Organic Chemistry 2003 page 5660-5667 volume 68  DOI: 10.1021/jo034230i

Transition-Metal-free Suzuki-Type Coupling Reactions: Scope and Limitations of the Methodology   published on Friday, 24-Apr-09 11:13:52 CEST by NicolasReiser

Nicholas E. Leadbeater claimed in earlier articles transition-metal-free Suzuki-type couplings as the state of the art coupling reaction using watereous conditions free of metal. Indeed would be couplings without catalyst very interesting and the few cases that work are very handy, but it isn't a general method to couple arenes in great yields. I think the article refered to here, is a good example to show the scientific community "Yes, we can" admit we published something that isn't working at all. Because Nicholas Leadbeater shows in this article, that he published poorly in the articles claiming that transition-metal-free Suzuki-type couplings are working so smoothly. He is a good example for an afterall credible scientist that has the courage to admit to confess that he did an mistake. Hands up for you Mr. Leadbeater!

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