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This is a comment on: Dongyuan Zhao, Jianglin Feng, Qisheng Huo, Nicholas Melosh, Glenn H. Fredrickson, B. F. Chmelka, Galen Stucky Triblock Copolymer Syntheses of Mesoporous Silica with Periodic 50 to 300 Angstrom Pores Science (new York, N.y.) 1998 page 548 volume 279  DOI: 10.1126/science.279.5350.548

300 Angstrom Pores   published on Friday, 24-Apr-09 12:11:05 CEST by Opal Gilstrap

This article describes pioneer work in the field of mesoporous materials. Today, over 11 Years ago, the so called SBA Materials are some sort of standard materials - at least in the academic field. The synthesis of the Materials using template P123 are very good reproducible. Unfortunately -to my knowledge- only pores with diameters up to ~100 Angstroms can be synthesised using the P123. In my experiments I failed synthesising Materials with bigger pores using L121. I could only obtain amorphous, non porous stuff with these template. Is there anyone outside who was able to succeed? I need urgently some 300 Angstrom SBA for my further research. Kind Regards Angie

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