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This is a comment on: Y. Kim, S. Kamio, T. Tajiri, T. Hayashi, S. Song, M. Endo, M. Terrones, M. Dresselhaus Enhanced thermal conductivity of carbon fibre/phenolic resin composites by the introduction of carbon nanotubes Applied Physics Letters 2007 page 093125 volume 90  DOI: 10.1063/1.2710778

1% carbon fibres?   published on Friday, 15-May-09 08:06:30 CEST by Beta Radiation

A very interesting article; there were so many trying to improve thermal conductivity by adding carbon nano tubes to polymers. Indeed, in numerous publications a slight improvement is observed, but not a big change as mostly wanted. The approach here is different, and it leads to a fantastical high thermal conductivity, almost that of copper. Main differences: First, additionally carbon fibres made out of pitch are used, second highly crystalline CNTs are used, third there is a preferred orientation of Carbon fibres. What I doubt is however, that the content of Carbon fibres is at a constant ratio of 1% as said on page two of this publication. I doubt it, because when looking at the SEM pictures (Fig. 2) I would estimate the volume percentage to be 20-30%, not only 1%. This would also explain the high thermal conductivity of the Carbon fibre/phenolic resin with no incorporated CNTs (Value from Fig. about 250 W/K/m. So long Beta radiation

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